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Stoke Lodge Hotel

Who we are

Probus is an organisation with a simple aim:

To enable our club members to socialise in the congenial and relaxed atmosphere of our home base, The Stoke Lodge Hotel,

sharing the company of others who are retired, or semi-retired.

If our title suggests in any way that our membership comes solely from men with professional and business experience, this is certainly not the case, for our members' backgrounds and experience are as wide and diverse as one can imagine. Our membership spreads beyond the immediate Stoke Fleming area. At present we have members from Dartmouth, Strete, Slapton, Stokenham and Blackawton. 

As with all clubs, success depends on offering a focus, a point of interest which sets it apart. The key for us, in fact the heart of our club, lies in the speakers we invite to talk to us on a whole variety of subjects, some of which come from our own members.  Whilst supporting the concept of charitable activities, Probus itself does not undertake any fund raising or charitable works.  We are non-sectarian, non-political and a not-for-profit club.  So if you are seeking a friendly and informal club atmosphere and enjoy both light hearted discussion and debate STOKE FLEMING PROBUS could be just what you are looking for!


 Come join us for coffee at your convenience

and get a warm welcome from our members.

What better way to get to know us and establish

whether Stoke Fleming Probus is for you?

The contacts page shows our committee and you may

ring or email any of them for further information.

About & Subscribe

The Probus Club of
Stoke Fleming and District

Where friendliness matters above all else

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